I LIVE YOU….Relationship or A Bond !!

Something that curtains us what we desire for. Yeah ! Indeed true !!

He curtains me the way no one else can or be it he protects me the way a Mother protects her child or the way he pampers me like a new born by Parents that is what makes me desire for nothing but only him.

I hardly use to figure out the Difference between A Relationship and Bond but with time it showed what actually differs.

“Lets go for a Movie babe”. That is something a girl will go crazy on but with me the case is different coz for me it is different as “Lets go for a Movie, I wanna watch it with you” or sometimes it is “Lets go for your favourite SRK and how can I make you miss it babe” just trembles me with that utmost care. Isn’t it peeps??

This was a short example of how a Relationship differs from a Bond coz He knows what I like and wants to do the way I like it that his girl is pampered the way she likes. But this is not just the job of a Boy coz it has to be from a girl as well.

Don’t make it sticking like a glue all the time woth him; be it on a call or a message every now and then. Just give him his space and thats all a guy needs from his girl. Let him spend sometime with his own circle be it guys or girls coz your place in his life is irreplaceable. Give him your inner beauty with your passionate care and love when together.

Remember, you don’t have to make him bore of you and your gestures instead you have to be protective; the way he is and not Possessive.

Ofcourse, why only a guy has to protect a girl ? Nope, it should be both ways.

“Babe protects her baby and baby protects his babe” be it emotionally or physically or in any other manner.

Stop being a Complainaint rather be his Understanding Companian coz that takes  a relationship to another level which is a Bond. Being an understanding partner gives both a positive perspective and a very healthy present and future moments.

“Where were you?”, “No reply to my messages !”, “Why didn’t you answer my call”, “Whom are you talking to?”, “Busy guy”, “No time for me !” Blah…blah…blah….

Is that what we call a relationship?

No, that should be A spying agency….hahahaaa….

Yes, it happens with everyone and it is avery much common feeling that comes in either of the partners. But this should not be the case coz your’ll are in a Relationship and not own each others life, mind it partners.

Instead, it should be “Koi nai baby, how was your day?”, “Its ok, you should spend some time with your friends too”, “You complete and then we will talk later or tomorrow”, “I understand you were busy and It is ok”….and so on. This is what will grow your Relationship to a Bond with a sense of Mutual Respect and growing Love and Romance.

Be more Understanding coz the world will try tearing you apart but your Bond will never let it happen so Dream for it together with a wow Understanding.

Don’t stay with promises instead dream of it and work towards it together which really fosters to a Beautiful Bond. When Relationships go through all the thick and thins, still are unseperable then that becomes a Bond.

Few Relationships are meant to be together but it is only when the Bond is strong enough which comes only with Understanding coz she says ” I love you” and he replies “I live you” that just takes makes me write love#sruck#

Remember one thing (Courtesy : Superman) – “If it is meant to be, it will”


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