He is my Faith !! continues….

Relationships are like edges of an Ocean though opposite to but still can feel each other through the waves Gushing between them knowing the fact that the habitats within the water can erode them apart just the way doubts can kill erode Faith in a Relationship and land it to nowhere.

Trust and Faith are the keys which if lost or mis-understood can make us land into emptiness because it is we who have to know and understand our Partner still create that vantilation of Non – Faith amongst and then breaks it all at the end.

He is someone who doesn’t even know what is he because of his True personality and Clean Soul and that is what binds us with eternal Understanding and makes me say “He is my Faith”, Yes true to the words Indeed he is and will be.

He is someone who belongs to only and only Fun and Good times ending over and over Happiness which comes directly from almighty that gives him the instinct of shining bright with his smiling gesture and flourishing sunshine everywhere he goes, the way he did to me.

This warming Life is what you have given me for which I will not Thank you instead will Understand US more from your versatile True Personality and Clean soul which is a reflection that comes from you being  next to Godliness so am PROUD to say – He is my FAITH and Yes Indeed my Belief😍😍

Courtesy & Inspiration – Superman 😘😘


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