He is my Faith !!

“Do you trust me?”
“No,I dont because I have Faith in you”
That answer just gives the True Essence of LOVE and Understanding.

Isnt it true that when a partner asks another, if this comes as an answer so everything feels like “Love is in the air”.
Yes, it does but only if you trust your partner.

Over a period of time, I myself have experienced and learnt that for US it was just a way to understand each other and it did happen. We became the most understanding friends for each other and then a couple.

“He made me know what Love actually means, he made me know what life is,he made me know what fun is, he made me relive each moment, he made me know what Friendship means, he made me know my passion to Dance, to Travel with him and nevertheless he made me know what LOVE, Understanding and Faith is.”

This was unreal for me till the time I stopped doubting and realised the Faith we have in each other.
It is not always necessary to be Venomous because that is what breaks the base of a Relationship.

It all started when he thought of we becoming US.He with all his efforts tried to make it for our future but sometimes it is that we have to leave it on our destinies and that is what we did.He fought for me with the whole world and sad to say with his Loved ones who are his world just because he became selfish for US. That Proud moment for a Partner with a bit sadness coz we hurted people who are our world but happy to announce that we share LOVE.

True to the fact that Love never knows to hurt your partner so did he never coz I have Faith in him.
Him; a person who knows how to make me smile, a person who corrects me, a person who knows the exact meaning of CARE, a person who keeps smiling whatever is the situation, a person for whom I am proud of, a person who can’t see anyone cry, a person who knows the worth of Love and Friendship, a person who believes in Forgiveness, a person who taught me the meaning of FAITH.

That is him! Who always believes that if it is meant to be, it will be (Courtesy-Superman).

It is not that I am over-exaggerating in praising him rather would say that I am just showing a reflection of him which depicts a True PERSONALITY and a Clean SOUL.

My Faith for HIM and US can never be wrecked nor can be impulsive because a person who has a Clean Soul stands next to God.
Understanding is what we both walk with and FAITH is what we are it is Built with. For me it is all what I have learnt over a period of time from him and proud to say that Yes he belongs to Happiness and just Happiness.
My Faith for him is my Belief and our Bond is something we are living in.


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