That Something is my Someone !!

Can something be so precious….?? I don’t know about others but for me indeed it is !! Something that murmurs when sitting besides me….something that pours the essence of being raw…

Source: That Something is my Someone !!


That Something is my Someone !!

Can something be so precious….?? I don’t know about others but for me indeed it is !!

Something that murmurs when sitting besides me….something that pours the essence of being raw in nature….something that acts sometimes like Mother and sometimes the divinity himself….something that lights my life which falls in the pit of darkness at times….something that is true to itself and to the world……..

And that “SOMETHING” is my “SOMEONE” who relates to all what I am and where I stand today.

He is just like a magic thats been gifted me for life and someone who is the beat to my heart.

It hardly happens after being in a long relationship for too many years that a new relationship becomes your survival and meaning to life in just few moments
And thats exactly what happened with me.

“He came in my life and became it”
That’s the quote that perfectly suits me…..!!

Great things happen once and so did he…. What to tell about him??….The more I will tell, the more it will be less because he is a Soul with True essence and Clean Heart.
His madness that created a Michivious me….His care made a Pampered me….His anger made a Real me….His thoughts made a clean me….His presence made a Whole new world for me….And over all his LOVE gave a NEW ME.

Its really funny but a truth for me that this Someone has become my Everything.
His Smile makes my whole world go crazy with happiness. His happiness is what I live for and true to the fact If you love someone their sadness cannot be given a chance by us to even rest for a while besides them and thats what happens with me.😘😘😘😘
He is a person who believes in being raw….no two faced….the way he is….I call him my Superman and the reason is very simple – He has made my life and has given a meaning to it….he has made me what I am….he has taught me to enjoy “ME”….he is the one who has and always gives me strength….he is that Someone who has not given only Something but beyond Everything and so is he My Superman and I am Proud to say that.

He is that Genuine Soul who can never hurt anyone..His love is par pure just like his Heart. He sometime acts like a child to me and sometimes like the most caring guy I have ever met.😍😍😍😍 Though he is the person I fear of always but his generosity is something I can always fall for, be it to me or to the world. I will never say he is the best of all but yes one thing I always tell and that is – He is the best Man what a girl looks for and this best man is the dream of every girl but I am lucky enough that he belongs to me.

I cannot stop blogging or writing about him coz he is someone, writing a huge Novel will be less.

He is that Something❤ that made my Everything. I am proud that whether we be together or no, he will always be the last person whom I will love forever.

Courtesy – Superman💪

He is my Faith !! continues….

Relationships are like edges of an Ocean though opposite to but still can feel each other through the waves Gushing between them knowing the fact that the habitats within the water can erode them apart just the way doubts can kill erode Faith in a Relationship and land it to nowhere.

Trust and Faith are the keys which if lost or mis-understood can make us land into emptiness because it is we who have to know and understand our Partner still create that vantilation of Non – Faith amongst and then breaks it all at the end.

He is someone who doesn’t even know what is he because of his True personality and Clean Soul and that is what binds us with eternal Understanding and makes me say “He is my Faith”, Yes true to the words Indeed he is and will be.

He is someone who belongs to only and only Fun and Good times ending over and over Happiness which comes directly from almighty that gives him the instinct of shining bright with his smiling gesture and flourishing sunshine everywhere he goes, the way he did to me.

This warming Life is what you have given me for which I will not Thank you instead will Understand US more from your versatile True Personality and Clean soul which is a reflection that comes from you being  next to Godliness so am PROUD to say – He is my FAITH and Yes Indeed my Belief😍😍

Courtesy & Inspiration – Superman 😘😘

He is my Faith !!

“Do you trust me?”
“No,I dont because I have Faith in you”
That answer just gives the True Essence of LOVE and Understanding.

Isnt it true that when a partner asks another, if this comes as an answer so everything feels like “Love is in the air”.
Yes, it does but only if you trust your partner.

Over a period of time, I myself have experienced and learnt that for US it was just a way to understand each other and it did happen. We became the most understanding friends for each other and then a couple.

“He made me know what Love actually means, he made me know what life is,he made me know what fun is, he made me relive each moment, he made me know what Friendship means, he made me know my passion to Dance, to Travel with him and nevertheless he made me know what LOVE, Understanding and Faith is.”

This was unreal for me till the time I stopped doubting and realised the Faith we have in each other.
It is not always necessary to be Venomous because that is what breaks the base of a Relationship.

It all started when he thought of we becoming US.He with all his efforts tried to make it for our future but sometimes it is that we have to leave it on our destinies and that is what we did.He fought for me with the whole world and sad to say with his Loved ones who are his world just because he became selfish for US. That Proud moment for a Partner with a bit sadness coz we hurted people who are our world but happy to announce that we share LOVE.

True to the fact that Love never knows to hurt your partner so did he never coz I have Faith in him.
Him; a person who knows how to make me smile, a person who corrects me, a person who knows the exact meaning of CARE, a person who keeps smiling whatever is the situation, a person for whom I am proud of, a person who can’t see anyone cry, a person who knows the worth of Love and Friendship, a person who believes in Forgiveness, a person who taught me the meaning of FAITH.

That is him! Who always believes that if it is meant to be, it will be (Courtesy-Superman).

It is not that I am over-exaggerating in praising him rather would say that I am just showing a reflection of him which depicts a True PERSONALITY and a Clean SOUL.

My Faith for HIM and US can never be wrecked nor can be impulsive because a person who has a Clean Soul stands next to God.
Understanding is what we both walk with and FAITH is what we are it is Built with. For me it is all what I have learnt over a period of time from him and proud to say that Yes he belongs to Happiness and just Happiness.
My Faith for him is my Belief and our Bond is something we are living in.

I LIVE YOU….Relationship or A Bond !!

Something that curtains us what we desire for. Yeah ! Indeed true !!

He curtains me the way no one else can or be it he protects me the way a Mother protects her child or the way he pampers me like a new born by Parents that is what makes me desire for nothing but only him.

I hardly use to figure out the Difference between A Relationship and Bond but with time it showed what actually differs.

“Lets go for a Movie babe”. That is something a girl will go crazy on but with me the case is different coz for me it is different as “Lets go for a Movie, I wanna watch it with you” or sometimes it is “Lets go for your favourite SRK and how can I make you miss it babe” just trembles me with that utmost care. Isn’t it peeps??

This was a short example of how a Relationship differs from a Bond coz He knows what I like and wants to do the way I like it that his girl is pampered the way she likes. But this is not just the job of a Boy coz it has to be from a girl as well.

Don’t make it sticking like a glue all the time woth him; be it on a call or a message every now and then. Just give him his space and thats all a guy needs from his girl. Let him spend sometime with his own circle be it guys or girls coz your place in his life is irreplaceable. Give him your inner beauty with your passionate care and love when together.

Remember, you don’t have to make him bore of you and your gestures instead you have to be protective; the way he is and not Possessive.

Ofcourse, why only a guy has to protect a girl ? Nope, it should be both ways.

“Babe protects her baby and baby protects his babe” be it emotionally or physically or in any other manner.

Stop being a Complainaint rather be his Understanding Companian coz that takes  a relationship to another level which is a Bond. Being an understanding partner gives both a positive perspective and a very healthy present and future moments.

“Where were you?”, “No reply to my messages !”, “Why didn’t you answer my call”, “Whom are you talking to?”, “Busy guy”, “No time for me !” Blah…blah…blah….

Is that what we call a relationship?

No, that should be A spying agency….hahahaaa….

Yes, it happens with everyone and it is avery much common feeling that comes in either of the partners. But this should not be the case coz your’ll are in a Relationship and not own each others life, mind it partners.

Instead, it should be “Koi nai baby, how was your day?”, “Its ok, you should spend some time with your friends too”, “You complete and then we will talk later or tomorrow”, “I understand you were busy and It is ok”….and so on. This is what will grow your Relationship to a Bond with a sense of Mutual Respect and growing Love and Romance.

Be more Understanding coz the world will try tearing you apart but your Bond will never let it happen so Dream for it together with a wow Understanding.

Don’t stay with promises instead dream of it and work towards it together which really fosters to a Beautiful Bond. When Relationships go through all the thick and thins, still are unseperable then that becomes a Bond.

Few Relationships are meant to be together but it is only when the Bond is strong enough which comes only with Understanding coz she says ” I love you” and he replies “I live you” that just takes makes me write love#sruck#

Remember one thing (Courtesy : Superman) – “If it is meant to be, it will”